Thursday, March 13, 2014

Easy enchiladas

I quickly made these but took a super easy pregnant route. I forgot to get chicken so I just used our food storage canned chicken. First, sauted butter, onion, green onion and garlic together. Added 1 cup water and 1 chicken bouillon cube. Added canned chicken and shredded it. Added all spices Simmered. Dumped the can of cream of chicken with some cream cheese (again another prego brain fart, forgot to buy sour cream). Added the can green chilis and lime. Threw it in soft taco shells and cooked for 10 min. Poured enchilada sauce on top after 10 and topped with cheese and took out when melts and bubbly. I think that's what I did. But my family LOVED it. I think if you followed this girls directions it would prob turn out great too. ;) I wanted to write it down since it was such a hit. But can't really remember what I did! I also added salt and pepper to the mix.